eco-certified deliveries.

eco-certified deliveries.

Urb-it's deliveries are eco-certified by Bra Miljöval in Stockholm & Gothenburg (Good Environmental Choice). We're very proud of that!

Bra Miljöval is the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation's own eco-label. The label makes it easy for customers to find products and services that makes the least damage on the environment. For transports, this means small impact on climate, energy-efficiency and low emissions of nitrogen- and sulphur oxides and hydrocarbons.


Urb-it's customers should never have to choose between fast & convenient or eco-friendly!

we believe in a different city.

More and more of us are buying online everyday, expecting same-day delivery. But what’s the true cost of convenience?


As online traffic increases, so does the traffic on already busy city streets. The average London motorist spends 74 hours a year in traffic congestion, at an economic loss to the city of £ 9.5bn. And today, one in six vehicles on London roads is a logistics operator.


We believe in a very different city.



we believe in a different city.

efficiency - for the city, the partner and the customer.

efficiency - for the city, the partner and the customer.

Our community of delivery assistants, Urbers, walk, bike or use public transport to hand-deliver items, picking them up directly from stores and delivery hubs around the city.


We add neither vehicles to the streets, nor pollution to the air. No additional packaging is required and retailers have the benefit of having their bags being seen carried around the city.


Sustainably delivered.



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