Urb-it Shipping Policy

This document was last updated: Oct 26th, 2018.

1. Introduction

Thank you for your interest in Urb-it’s services, provided to you by Urb-it AB (publ) (henceforth “Urb-it”, “us”, or “we”). Urb-it operates a networked community of delivery assistants (henceforth “Urbers”) through various Services, offering a flexible delivery solution for retailers and consumers in busy cities. Urb-it currently operates in three markets: London, Paris and Stockholm. This Shipping Policy (henceforth “Shipping“) regulates what we do and do not deliver and may be updated from time to time and govern the use of the all Services provided by Urb-it.  

2. Violation of Shipping Policy

Urb-it reserves the right to seek all remedies available for violations of the Shipping Policy, including without limitation, the right to revoke access to our Services.  

3. Size and volume

Our Urbers deliver in person and are not allowed to use motor-driven vehicle. Instead, our Urbers use the local public transport, bike and walk. Our package size limitations per delivery are: Volume: Maximum 0.25 cubic metres Weight: Maximum 10kg  

4. Policy for specific goods

This Shipping Policy stipulates that Urb-it does not deliver goods listed below. We reserve ourselves in this Shipping Policy from that while this list is thorough, it is not necessarily collectively exhaustive, and will be continuously modified.  

5. Misuse of Service

Urb-it has no tolerance for abusive language/behaviour towards our company and our Urbers. Any such occurrences will result in immediate and irrevocable cancellation and of the Service without any refund.  

6. Delivery area

We reserve the right to refuse to enter private residences when delivering to home addresses and we furthermore reserve the right to refuse delivery in and around primary and secondary school campuses.  

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